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26/04/2018 :: CarProg2 Update
Version 4.7.0
A few minor improvements.
02/04/2018 :: CarProg2 Update
Updated data for 02/04/2018.
1. Print right and left parts of interface.
2. Displaying of fonts in Linux.
1. Item [Settings] in main menu.
2. Variants of article displaying.
Fixed, sometimes manifested, problem during start of program at Internet Explorer.
A few minor improvements.
18/02/2018 :: CarProg2 Update
Updated data for 18/02/2018.
Added remarks for illustrations.
A few minor improvements.
09/12/2017 :: CarProg2 Update
Updated data for 09/12/2017.
Added remarks for part numbers.
Added languages:
1. Greek
2. Slovenian
3. Estonian
A few minor improvements.
05/11/2017 :: CarProg2 Update
Updated data and structure for 05/11/2017.
1. Accuracy of information positioning (symbols, description).
2. Informative of engine code search.
3. Informative of gearbox code search.
4. Informative of PR (MI) code search.
5. Explanation of replacement.
6. Information in different languages.
Added information (explanations) about the symbols, the numbers of engine and gearbox, country codes for Porsche.
A few minor improvements.
10/07/2017 :: CarProg2 Update
Updated data for 10/07/2017.
15/03/2017 :: CarProg2 Update
Updated data for 14/03/2017.
Updated requirements for WebBrowsers.
In this moment necessary to use versions no less:
Firefox v31.0, Chrome v38.0, Internet Explorer v11.0, Opera v12.17, Safari v9.0.
05/06/2016 :: CarProg2 Update
Updated data for 01/06/2016.
13/10/2015 :: CarProg2 Update
Updated data for today.
13/10/2015 :: Technical works
13.10.2015-14.10.2015 - technical works
29/09/2015 :: Technical works
29.09.2015-30.09.2015 - technical works
28/08/2015 :: CarProg2 Update
Adapted for the browser MS Edge (Windows 10).
27/08/2015 :: Information about CarProg2
MS Internet Explorer version less 11 is not supported more.
26/08/2015 :: CarProg2 Update
Implemented the applicability of article for all brands.
Implemented bookmarks.
Optimized primary content loading.
22/07/2015 :: CarProg2 Update
Updated data for today.
22/05/2015 :: CarProg2 Update
Updated data for today.
(full data)
27/04/2015 :: CarProg2 Update
Updated data for today.
09/02/2015 :: CarProg2 Update
Updated data for today (new partnumbers).
28/01/2015 :: Technical works
Technical works 28.01.2015 (21:00-24:00)
26/01/2015 :: CarProg2 Update
Adapted for mobile browsers.
Updated data for today.
26/10/2014 :: CarProg2 Update
Adapted for the browser Pale Moon.
Implemented export of articles list to Excel .xlsx - format without request to the server (requires Adobe Flash Player v11.2 and above).
Updated data for today.
29/08/2014 :: CarProg2 Update
Adapted for latest version of Web-Browsers (including mobile).
VF-function status Release.
Updated data for today.
16/07/2014 :: CarProg2 Update
Adapted for latest version of Web-Browsers.
Updated data for today.
12/05/2014 :: CarProg2 Update
Upgraded mechanism for adding user data by VIN.
Added to VIN-codes base, now 1 155 302.
14/04/2014 :: CarProg2 Update
Updated data for today.
Updated cross-reference of aftermarket alternatives with images.
25/01/2014 :: CarProg2 Update
Adapted for Internet Explorer v11.0 (Windows 8/8.1).
Updated data for today.
03/06/2013 :: CarProg2 Update
Adapted for screen width 1024px.
VF-mode status: RC1.
Inserted some improvements.
01/06/2013 :: Connect
CarProg2 connect been normalized.
30/05/2013 :: Stabilization of CarProg2 core
Stabilized app functional.
Inserted some improvements.
VF-mode status: beta.
Fixed some errors.
Detected city of manufacture.
Updated data for today.
27/04/2013 :: Little CarProg2 update
Inserted some structure improvements.
Adapted for latest versions of web-browsers.
Fixed some errors.
Integrated the system of detect interface error.
23/04/2013 :: Technical problems with the DNS-servers
At present, there may be technical problems with access to the DNS-servers of RU-CENTER company.
The difficulties associated with the blocking by foreign channel-providers of Internet networks, from which on the DNS-servers RU-CENTER produced DDoS-attack.
14/04/2013 :: CarProg2 - Start on new server
Welcome all again!
10/04/2013 :: Disruptions in work of resource
In first time my server (hosting) is down.
But don't worry, very soon I moving on new server.
Please wait a little.
04/04/2013 :: Site
Status of site - release.
28/03/2013 :: CarProg2 Update
Release notes.
1. Rewrote (optimized) client side of application.
2. Added information about the symbols, vin-code, country.
3. Implemented adding to the database (decoding) of the FGST file.
4. Updated data for today.
5. Updated Vin-codes base. Now there are 1,038,447 records.
06/01/2013 :: Christmas update CarProg2
Release notes.
1. Adapted for IE 10 (Windows 8).
2. Calibrated output textual information.
3. Added search interpretation per the region.
4. Implemented for Porsche search Engines, Transmissions, PR (MI) codes.
5. Redesigned the keyboard shortcuts.
6. Added Portuguese (at the request of the people of this country).
7. Implemented search backward replacement (previous interpretation).
8. Updated data for today.
9. Updated Vin-codes base. Now there are 714,857 records.
02/01/2013 :: Happy New Year!!!
Happy New Year! I congratulate all and in particular users of my services (programs). I wish you happiness, health, success in business, and that this year you did what you could not in the past.
25/12/2012 :: Service unavailability
From 31/12/2012 on 05/01/2013 CarProg2 service will be unavailable.
02/12/2012 :: CarProg2 Update (Porsche)
I did some stuff.
Updated data for today.
Added brand Porsche.
29/10/2012 :: CarProg2 Update
Updated data for today.
Updated translations.
07/08/2012 :: CarProg2 Update
Updated data for today.
Corrected description of the type of replacement of parts.
06/08/2012 :: WorkBox - review video
Became available the review video of WorkBox system.
Review video
27/07/2012 :: CarProg2 Update
Implemented (in addition) the ability to surf program in one click as well as some adaptation for mobile devices. Now the double-click problematic such as on iPad sunk into oblivion and it makes sense to try on the tablet.
25/06/2012 :: CarProg2 Update
Hello everyone.
1. Determined the center alignment of images in a particular situation.
2. Now in the figure stand out all the same positions (one number).
3. Minor changes (new versions of browsers).
4. Updated data for today.
20/06/2012 :: With regard to advertising on the site
The first I would like to advertise on my site was thematic (cars auto parts - from of the brands I respect AUDI - a lot of things in life is associated with this brand). Of course the information on this web site will be different but the slope of Technology. Now I trying the Smowtion - a decent firm and will see what happens.

If anyone wants to put advertise in my site - contact on e-mail.
19/06/2012 :: Really professional video converter
Information for those who want to save time and enjoy the truly professional video converter. 4Videosoft Converter (Ultimate). From of the close languages - English only.
18/06/2012 :: New site
Launched finally a new version of the site.